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The Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (IIC) is focused on basic research in the area of inorganic and bio-inorganic systems oriented to optimization and development of new materials and technological processes in the following branches of science: inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, materials chemistry, inorganic technologies and materials, theoretical chemistry, nanotechnology.

The main subjects of the research are the following:

  • Relations between composition, properties and structure of inorganic substances, mainly advanced ceramic materials, molten salt systems and hydrosilicates.
  • Thermodynamics of multicomponent systems.
  • Features and chemical reactions in inorganic systems, including interface of phases.
  • Development and application of theoretical and experimental methods for the determination of the structure and properties of matter.
Scientific highlights Scientific highlights
  • Porous bioactive glass microspheres prepared by flame synthesis process
  • Four-component relativistic time-dependent density-functional theory using a stable noncollinear DFT ansatz applicable to both closed- and open-shell systems
  • Bioactive silicon nitride by surface thermal treatment
  • Micro scale fracture strength of grains and grain boundaries in polycrystalline La-doped β-Si3N4 ceramics
  • Wire electrical discharge machinable SiC with GNPs and GO as the electrically conducting filler
  • The differing responses of various techniques in measuring the phase transformations of K2ZrF6
  • A precursor approach for the development of lace-like Fe2O3 nanocrystallites triggered by pressure dependent nucleation and growth of akaganeite over clay based composites for toluene combustion


Experimental equipment Experimental equipment

The Institute disposes with variety of advanced techniques used for materials preparation, characterisation and processing.

  • methods for characterisation of physico-chemical and mechanical properties of materials
  • methods suitable for phase and structural analysis
  • spectral methods
  • methods for preparation and processing of functional ceramic and glass materials
  • many others.