Focus of the Institute

The mission of the Institute is

  • basic research of inorganic and bioinorganic systems aimed at the optimization and development of new materials and technologies
  • upbringing (education) of new scientists in relevant areas within the framework approved by the Ministry of education of Slovak Republic
  • contribution to the research and development in joint fields of interest in Slovak Republic and abroad by expertise and collaboration with universities, nonprofit as well profit institutions

The research comprises mainly

  • relationships between composition and structure of inorganic compounds, i. e. advanced ceramics, molten systems and hydrosilicates
  • phenomena and chemical reactions in inorganic systems and on phase boundaries
  • thermodynamics of many component systems
  • development and application of theoretical and experimental methods for the estimation of the structure and properties of compounds

The research is upgraded and conducted in funded scientific and research projects – governmental or international grants, as well as contracts with industrial bodies.