Competition of young scientists on IIC SAS


Date: 18. October 2018

Place: Institute of Inorganic Chemistry SAS, room 107


Abstracts of contributions (Download)



9:00 Opening
9:05 FRET and Poisson probability density function model as the tools to describe the dye surface concentration in hybrid materials with smectite
S. Belušáková
9:25 Preparation of thin layers of TiO2 on organic and inorganic substrates
P. Petrisková
9:45 Processing of ZrB2-based ultra-high temperature ceramics
Z. Fürdősová
10:05 Rheological optimization of water based silicon nitride tape casting suspensions for biomaterial production (bde) of para-substituted benzeneselenols and benzenetellurols
H. Ünsal

10:25 Short Break
10:35 Modification of Si3N4 surface for enhancement bioactivity
M. Hičák
10:55 Metal-organic framework UiO-66 for organophosphate catalytic degradation in aqueous environment
D. Bůžek
11:15 Corrosion of SiC in FLiNaK melt
M. Kontrík
11:35 Arrangement of the primary alkylammonium cations in the interlayers of montmorillonite
M. Slaný

11:55 Lunch Break
12:35 The influence of the preparation method of Cerium oxide nanoparticles on its properties
J. Tolasz
12:55 Atrazine-Beidelite intercalates: a DFT study
D. Moreno
13:15 Preparation, characterization and oxidation behavior of polymer derived ceramic coatings with passive fillers
I. Petríková
13:35 Preparation and study of microstructure of Yttria and Ceria stabilized tetragonal Zirconia polycrystals for dental applications
A. Nowicka
13:55 Montmorillonite intercalated with acetylcholine and choline – a comparison of computational and experimental results
P. Škorňa



Ing. Blanka Kubíková, PhD. – predseda komisie
doc. Ing. Zoltán Lenčéš, PhD. – člen komisie
Ing. Eva Scholtzová, CSc. – člen komisie
Mgr. Adriana Czimerová, PhD. – člen komisie
Ing. Mária Chromčíková, PhD. – člen komisie
RNDr. Jan Demel – člen komisie