Competition of young scientists on IIC SAS


On October 5, 2021, our institute organise The Competition of Young Scientists.

Venue: Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, room no. 107. The start of the event is at 9.00 am.




 09:00 Opening 
09:05 Eva Skoura – Photoactive surfaces of polycaprolactone membranes modified with saponite and methyle blue
09:25 Dhiya Krishnan – The electrical conductivity of the molten systems (LiF–CaF2)eut.–NdF3 and (LiF–NaF)eut.–NdF3 as electrolytes for the neodymium electrowinning
09:45 Hakan Ünsal – In-situ graphene platelets formation and its suppression during reactive spark plasma sintering of boron carbide/titanium diboride composites
10:05 Debora Mišenková – Relativistic four-component method for calculation of EPR g-tensor using London atomic orbitals
Break 10:25 – 10:35
10:35 Patrícia Petrisková – Preparation of thin layers of TiO2 on organic and inorganic substrates
10:55 Fatih Kurtuldu – Cerium and gallium containing mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles for biomedical applications
11:15 Nursen Mutlu – Preparation and characterization of Chitosan-Zn complex for wound healing applications
11:35 Florian Lemken – Artificial Spin-Orbit Coupling Scaling: A Stress Test for Open-Shell DKS-DFT Formalisms regarding Hyperfine Coupling Constant Calculations
Lunch Break 11:55 – 12:35
12:35 Ramu Ambati – Corrosion of Hastelloy-N and Hastelloy-G35 caused by vapour generated from FLiNak salt
12:55 Jakub Michalik – Steady state and time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy of polythiophene
13:15 Sanam Bashir – DFT study of hybrid structure of Montmorillonite with penta(2-oxazoline)
13:35 Alper Güneren – Statistical approaches to powder and slurry preparation for Si/C anodes in Li-ion Batteries
14:10 Results announcement

Program (Download)


Evaluation committee:

  • Ing. Blanka Kubíková, PhD.
  • RNDr. Jana Madejová, DrSc.
  • Ing. Anna Prnová, PhD.
  • Ing. Zoltán Lenčéš, PhD.
  • Mgr. Stanislav Komorovský, PhD.