Competition of young scientists on IIC SAS


Young colleagues from IIC SAS are encouraged to attend competition of young scientist.

Date: 2. October 2019

Place: Institute of Inorganic Chemistry SAS, room 107

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 20. September 2019 till 12:00 h, please deliver your registration form and the abstract of your contribution to the secretariat of the Institute and the electronic forms of documents submit to e-mail address

Statute of the competition (Slovak only).


9:00 Opening
9:05 Chemical modification of fly ash and its incorporation in polymer matrices for the development of new composite materials
E. Skoura
9:25 Uncatalyzed bromate oscillator with aniline as a substrate
M. Pribus
9:45 Theoretical investigation of thermochromia in laterally diborylated teraryls
F. Lemken
10:05 A computational study of atrazine-smectite intercalates
D. Moreno

10:25 Short break
10:35 Development and implementation of new theoretical tools for interpretation of the NMR and EPR spectra of compounds containing heavy elements
D. Pastvová
10:55 The synergistic effect of multi-targeted B and Co co-doped 45S5 bioactive glass on angiogenesis for bone regeneration
S. Chen
11:15 In-situ synthesis and sintering of B4C-TiB2 composites
H. Ünsal
11:35 Preparation of thin layers of TiO2 on organic and inorganic substrates
P. Petrisková

11:55 Lunch break
12:35 Bioactive surface modification of silicone nitride ceramics
M. Hičák
12:55 The effect of alloying elements on the secondary corrosion protection (after breakaway) of Fe based model alloys at 600°C
R. Ambati
13:15 Investigation of passive filler loaded PDC coatings applied to different pre-treated stainless steel substrates
I. Parchovianská
13:35 The study of the mechanism of rhodamine dye molecular aggregation in colloidal dispersions of montmorillonite
T. Baranyaiová

14.10 Oznámenie výsledkov

Evaluation committee

Mgr. Stanislav Komorovský, PhD.

Ing. Michal Korenko, PhD.

Ing. Helena Pálková, PhD.

Ing. Anna Prnová, PhD.

Mgr. Monika Tatarková, PhD.