DKS-pNMR – Vývoj nástrojov pre pokročilú analýzu a predikciu parametrov spektier EPR, NMR a pNMR komplexných systémov obsahujúcich ťažké prvky
Development of tools for advanced analysis and prediction of parameters of EPR, NMR and pNMR spectra of complex systems containing heavy elements
Program: SRDA
Project leader: Dr. Malkin Oľga, DrSc.
Annotation: The project is oriented to the development and implementation of new computational tools for advanced prediction and analysis of parameters of EPR, NMR and pNMR spectra of complex systems containing heavy elements with the stress on systems possessing low-lying excited states. Low-lying excited states strongly affect EPR and pNMR parameters and they must be taken into account for accurate prediction of these parameters. The calculation and interpretation of properties of low-lying excited states requires a more advanced methodology than the calculation of ground state properties. Nowadays one of the best approaches for treating excited states of large systems is the time-dependent DFT method (TDDFT). Recently our group implemented relativistic four-component and twocomponent TDDFT methods and made some preliminary steps towards calculations of EPR properties for the excited states. In this project we plan to further develop the TDDFT methodology in order to improve the accuracy of the predicted pNMR parameters for systems with low-lying excited states. We also plan to develop and implement new tools for better interpretation of EPR, NMR and pNMR parameters for heavy-element compounds. Finally the developed methods would be applied for systems of real chemical interest in collaboration with our foreign partners from experimental groups.
Duration: 1.7.2020 – 30.6.2024