European Researchers’ Night


Discover with us the exciting world of advanced inorganic materials and come to visit our exhibition at the festival of science – European Researchers’ Night. Last Friday of September (27.9.2019) belongs to science.

Advanced inorganic materials are used in various fields such as production of LED diodes, cutting tools for machining of metals, bioceramics application, new ultra-high temperature ceramic matrix composites (UHTCMC) with potentially improved oxidation and ablation properties for aerospace applications, etc. You can learn how LED diodes does work and what are advanced ceramic materials in 21st century used for. Corrosion is a big issue in wide fields of industry and everyday life. If a sufficient attention is not paid to the prevention it could cause considerable problems. You will see a set of selected different metal materials including superalloys after exposure to high-corrosive fluoride environment in comparison to original materials. Phyllosilicates are materials with exceptional properties which was known since ancient times. Why is this, and why do you still find application also in the materials of the 21st century you will learn through interesting experiment.

Our young colleagues will be pleased to give you tour into secrets of preparation of new unique materials and searching of other innovative paths of their applications.

The event will be held in five Slovak cities – Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Žilina, Košice and Poprad and is organised by consortium: SOVVA (the Slovak Organisation for Research and Development Activities), SAV (the Slovak Academy of Sciences) and CVTI (Slovak National Centre of Scientific and Technical Information).

Our young colleagues will be ready to answer your questions at the stage THE WORLD OF INORGANIC MATERIALS.

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