IRMA – Výskum ternárnych fáz v systémoch M-R-F (kde M – Li-Cs, (NH4); R – Sc, Y, Ln) pre vývoj nových multifunkčných materiálov
Investigation of the ternary phases in the systems M-R-F (where M – Li-Cs, (NH4); R – Sc, Y, Ln) for the development of new multifunctional materials
Program: SASPRO
Project leader: Matselko Oksana, PhD.
Annotation: Lack of the information as well as not completeness of the data prevent the application of the compounds in the development of different types of materials. The search of new compounds with appropriate optical and operational properties is of great interest in the field of solid state fluorine chemistry. The proposed project is focused on the ternary fluorides in the systems M-R-F (where M – Li-Cs, (NH4); R – Sc, Y, Ln) with emphasis on the temperature driven solid-solid state phase transformations and photoluminescent properties of compounds with further establishment of the regularities of the structural transformations and changes in properties depending on the M and R content. The main challenge in such kind of research is that it is hard to predict which compound is capable for such transformations until all experimental data are obtained. To shed more light on this issue synthesis of pure compounds, analysis of their thermodynamic data, solid-solid phase transformations as well as solution of the high temperature crystal structures from the X-ray diffraction data (including synchrotron experiments) and properties measurements are suggested.
Duration: 1.9.2022 – 31.8.2024