Research cooperation

Specification: IIC SAS looks for research partners in the area of inorganic and bio-inorganic systems oriented to optimization and development of new materials and technological processes in the various branches of science, such as inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, chemistry of materials, inorganic technology and materials, theoretical chemistry and nanotechnology.

We offer: decades of experience in specific research, human sources, labs and advanced equipment for the following activity and cooperation:

  • Multilateral H2020 projects (ITN Marie Curie schemes, ERC, ERA Chair, IRA or COST and, etc.), bilateral projects, projects with industrial partners.
  • PhD. and postdoc positions (within various schemes including IF Marie Curie, students exchange, PhD. study and others).
  • Researchers exchange and mobility.


The main subjects of the research are the following:

  • Relations between composition, properties and structure of inorganic substances, mainly advanced ceramic materials, molten salt systems, glasses and hydrosilicates.
  • Thermodynamics of multicomponent inorganic systems.
  • Features and chemical reactions in inorganic systems, including interfaces.
  • Development and application of theoretical and experimental methods for the determination of structure and properties.


Field of interest of five departments covers broad spectrum of topic:

  • inorganic chemistry,
  • physical chemistry,
  • materials chemistry,
  • inorganic technologies and materials,
  • theoretical chemistry and
  • nanotechnology


More details can be found further on this website in main menu “Departments”.

Specific information will be delivered on request. Personal visit is encouraged, as well.

Contact person: Dr. Miroslav Boča,