Physico-chemical properties of melts

Resistance furnaces for measurements of physico-chemicak properties of melts Clasic CZ

  • Furnace for thermal analysis measurement
  • Superkanthal furnace
  • Superkanthal 1800°C  furnace
  • Resistance furnaces for measurement of thermal analysis, density, viscosity, surface tension, interface tension, conductivity and wetting of molten salts
  • Temperature range: 0 – 1200°C, inert atmosphere
  • All instruments are using multicomponent model (National InstrumentsTM), where the data collections run on-line in LabVIEW softwer.

Contact: Ing. František Šimko, PhD. e-mail:


Special electronic (National Instruments)

Multi-component model primary for conductivity data collections (impedance/gain-phase analyzer, National InstrumentsTM), where the data collections run on-line under LabviewTM softwer with these units:

  • PXI 5406 16Bit, 40MHz, Fgen
  • PXI 5122 14 Bit, 100MS/s Digitizer
  • PXI 4070 6,5 serial multimeter
  • PXI 4130 regulable generator +-20V/2A
  • PXI 6221 16/8 AI,16bit,250kS/s 2AO, 16stat+8(1MHz)DIO
  • PXI 6704 32AO (16x+-10V, 16x20mA),16 bit, 8DIO
  • PXI 2501 multiplexer (24×1 2-w) with FET switchers for voltage to +-10V

Units are located in one box PXI 1042 together with generator and computer PXI 8108 – Intel Duo 2,53MHz, 1GB DDR2, 80GB HDD, 4xUSB, Gige, GPIB.

Contact: Ing. František Šimko, PhD. e-mail:


LLOYD LR5K Plus (Lloyd Materials Testing)

Measuring and analysis of mechanical properties of materials in tensile, compressive and/or cycling mode, e.g. 3- or 4 point bending strenght

Contact: Mgr. Monika Tatarková, PhD.  e-mail:


Vickers Hardness Tester LECO LV – 100AT (LECO Corp.)

High temperature drying cabinet is designed for applications, where the extreme reproducible conditions are required to test the materials. Device enables to perform the long term laboratory tests.

  • regulation and control of the temperature, max. temperature +350°C, accuracy ±1.5°C
  • inner volume 50 l
  • inner volume 100 l

Contact: Ing. Ondrej Hanzel, PhD. e-mail: