Basic informations

Phase, microstructural and chemical analysis

Scanning electron microscope JEOL EVO® 40 Series (Bratislava)

JEOL JSM-7600 F/EDS/WDS/EBSD (Trenčín)

X-ray powder diffractometer Panalytical Empyrean
Elementary analysis C/H/N/S/O C/S analyser EMIA-320 V2 AC HORIBA Jobin Yvon

O/N/H analyser EMGA 830 AC HORIBA Jobin Yvon


Methods for determination of physico-chemical and mechanical properties of materials

Simultaneous high-temperature thermal analysis STA 449 F1 Jupiter (Netzch Geratebau GmbH)

STA 449 F3 Jupiter (Netzch Geratebau GmbH) with TGA-IR module TENSOR (Bruker)

Rheometery / viscosimetry / density MCR501 (Anton Paar GmbH)

HAAKE MARS III (ThermoFisher Scientific)

Ultrapyc 1200e (Quantachrome Instruments)

Particle size analyser, potentiostat Nano ZS 3601 (Malvern Instruments Ltd.)

Brookhaven 90Plus (Brookhaven Instruments Corpor.)

Modulab ESC-MTS (Solartron Analytical)

Physico-chemical properties of melt

Resistance furnaces (Clasic CZ)
Special electronic National Instruments
Testing of mechanical properties and corrosion LLOYD LR5K Plus (Lloyd Materials Testing)

LECO LV – 100AT (LECO Corp.)


Spectral methods

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) sequential spectroscopy ARL Advant’X Intellipower 3600 XRF
Fluorescence spectrophotometer Fluorolog-3 (HORIBA Jobin IVON)
FTIR spectroscopy Nicolet 6700 (Thermo Scientific)

AABSPEC 2000-A Multi-Mode Spectroscopy System

Raman spectroscopy Renishaw inVia Raman Microscope
UV-VIS spectrophotometer Varian Cary 100 (Varian)

Varian Cary 5000

AAS spectrometer /emission spectrometry Varian GS280 (240/Zeeman GTA 120)


Preparation of ceramic and glass samples

Hot Press  

Elatec Control (Elatec Technology Corp.)

Clasic 0220 ZL (Clasic CZ)

HIP 200 – 110*200 GI (EPSI Ltd.)

Gas pressure sintering KCE-FP W100 (FCT Systeme GmbH)
Furnaces for glass preparation Chamber furnace Clasic 1018 S (Clasic CZ)

Tube furnace up to 1800°C Clasic 0118 T (Clasic CZ)

Tube furnace up to 1300°C Clasic 0213 T (Clasic CZ)

Processing of ceramic and glass samples

Optical Profile Grinding Machine JUNG JE 525 P
Precision Saw ISOMET 5000 11-2775
Grinder- Polisher EcoMet 300/AutoMet 300
Abrasive Cutter AbrasiMatic 300
Plasma system FEMTO (Diener electronic, GmbH + Co. KG)

Preparation and processing of samples – other

Glove box GP CONCEPT-T4 (Jacomex, Dagneux)
Milling and homogenization of samples RETSCH PM 100

Pulverisette 6 (FRITSCH GmbH)

Pulverisette 0 (FRITSCH GmbH)

Freeze drying FreeZone Freeze Dry Systems Plus Cascade (Labconco)

LS-2 (PowderPro AB)