Preparation and processing of samples – other

Glove box – GP CONCEPT-T4 (Jacomex, Dagneux)

Glove box with purification for manipulation of products sensitive to moisture and/or oxygen.

  • Attainable purity p(sys) purification: Below 1 ppm [O2], [H2O], that is 0.0001%
  • Vacuum antechamber: vacuum gauge -1/+1.5 bar, tighness: Leak rate < 10-5 mbar.l.s-1, vacuum pomp: 21 m3h-1 two stages with mist eliminator (vacuum at 10-2 mbar)
  • Pressure: overpressure or underpressure depending on user’s choice
  • Inlet gas: Electro valve controlled through PLC, outlet gas: system without backscattering through relief bubbler, independent from vacuum pump and electro valve controlled through PLC
  • Gas purification: Closed loop gas circulation – regenerable purifying loads
  • Purification unit: purification: H2O and/or O2 purification column, performance: H2O < 1 ppm – O2 < 1ppm, capacity: O2=30 l – H2O=1 440 g, purification flow: from 0 to 40 m3h-1 – (ΔP: 20 mbar) – Max. flow 110 m3h-1 (ΔP: 0 mbar)
  • Heating: Integrated temperature regulation controlled through PLC and temperature cut-out

Contact: Ing. František Šimko, PhD., e-mail:


Freeze drying – FreeZone Freeze Dry Systems Plus Cascade (Labconco)

FreeZone Freeze Dry Systems is designed to handle the lyophilization needs of research and pilot plant laboratories. System is capable to handle 10-1000 ml volume of sample.

Contact: Mgr. Ľuboš Jankovič, PhD. e-mail:

Freeze drying – LS-2 (PowderPro AB)

Granulation of powders of various art form suspensions using freeze granulation in liquid nitrogen

Contact: Ing. Ondrej Hanzel, PhD. e-mail:


Planetary Mill – RETSCH PM 100

Milling and homogenisation of powders in WC, Si3N4 or ZrO2 vessels with balls from the same materials with a max. speed of 600 rpm in planetary ball mill.

Contact: Ing. Ondrej Hanzel, PhD. e-mail:

Planetary Mill – Pulverisette 6 (FRITSCH GmbH)

Planetary Mill determined for the finest rapid, batch-wise comminution of hard to soft grinding material, (dry or in suspension, down to colloidal fineness), for mixing and perfect homogenising of emulsions and pastes.

  • sample quantity 4x250ml and possible use of 2×250 a 4×80 ml grinding bowls
  • accessories (grinding bowls and balls): Al2O3 (99,7 %)

Contact: Ing. Ondrej Hanzel, PhD. e-mail:


Vibratory Micro Mill – Pulverisette 0 (FRITSCH GmbH) (Trenčín)

  • For fine comminution of dry laboratory samples or solids in suspension. For homogenisation of emulsions or pastes
  • Vibratory Micro Mill for grinding of small samples max. quantity 10 ml, with final fineness max. 10 µm and adjustable vibration amplitude
  • Preparation for RTG phase analysis or pulverising with controlled granulometry for ceramics and glass corrosion tests
  • Adjustable vibration amplitude
  • Accessories (grinding bowls and balls): Al2O3 (99,7 %), agate

Contact: Ing. Anna Prnová, PhD.,